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Sailor Nautlius design by gothicpysi Sailor Nautlius design by gothicpysi
My old RPG senshi Sailor Nautlius, the senshi from Atlantis who controls water and the creatures of the ocean.

Name: Sailor Nautilus
Meaning: Scout of the Seas
Civilian Name: Sakeme Kappa
Meaning: Tear of the water demon
Age: 21
Hair: Bleach blonde fading down into dark gun metal blue
Hairstyle: Up in a ponytail that trials down to right past the middle of her back. Her bangs on one side go down to the end of her chin with a thinner bang that goes to right above the chin on the other side. Her hair is held up and slightly back with a semi large gun metal blue band about 6’’ wide.
Eyes: Ocean blue
Height: 6’0’’
Weight: 120
Sex: Female
Skin Tone: Dark tan
Race: Nautile
Birth Place: The mythical city of Atlantis, found in the depths of the ocean on Earth
Special Markings: Tattoo of a thresher shark on her lower back, it’s the size of computer mouse. Blue tear drop birthmark in the corner of her right eye.
Specialties: Gills on her back. She uses these to breathe underwater. Her toes are webbed but her hands are not.
Build: Thin, looks a great deal like Sailor Jupiter and built like an Olympic diver
*Human Form’s Favorite Clothes*: Anything blue and in dress form. She hates to wear pants. She loves short skirts and dresses, and the occasional long flowing dress.
Jewelry: She is always found, except in senshi form, wearing a silver chain with a large blue gem.
She was born in the lost city of Atlantis where her people have been living for decades. She loved it there, but needed something new. She came across her powers at the age of 15 when she saved her younger sister from a hammerhead shark by playing her flute backwards. She came across her powers of the sea when she had strolled onto land and was being mugged. She was backed into a corner and covered her face with her hands. She spoke out and asked her spiritual ancestors for protection. Then suddenly water sprouted out of her fingertips and saved her life. She believes her ancestors gave her these special powers. She knew that these powers she possessed would be of little use under the water. When she was old enough, she left the sea for dry land. She had taken gold with her and bought a large mansion on the beach where she took her first real breath of air. Sakeme is THE best swordsman in the entire world. Learned at the age of 2 and has perfected since then. She believes that her mission as a senshi is to protect her home and the oceans of the universe. She believes it is her duty to punish those who try to rid the universe of the beautiful waters and the creatures that live there.
She lives in a very expensive mansion that sits alongside the ocean on Earth’s west coast (exact location not known) where she feels the most at home. It is decorated with lost of items from home and the ocean.
She is usually a quiet person. She never speaks of her ancestors or her home because no one would believe her. She is a loner most of the time and doesn’t trust many people. If someone is able to get close enough to gain her trust, she will be the best friend you could ever have. She always places other people in front of herself and cares deeply about them. She’d give her life to save a friend. She will also open up and talk more with those who she trusts. She is very shy when it comes to guys. She hates people who are rude and take advantage of others. She loves to read and make music, and write poetry about her home. Sometimes she paints pictures of her home. Painting is actually a hidden talent of hers, but she is so self conscious that no one has ever seen how good she really is.
Oceania- Made by her father and blessed with its power by the elders. It gives her the power to control the oceans tides. (She has only used the flute to correct the tides after a powerful being tried to use them to change the weather.) The power to use this flute to change the tides is actually forbidden to her unless it is used in a time of great need. The elders were scared to have blessed this power to the flute as well as entrust it to Sakeme. She has proven herself, however, not to use this power for her own pleasure or for evil. She can also use it to control any type of water bigger then a puddle. She is also able to use this flute, by turning it wrong way around and playing it, to control the creatures of the deep. *She is the only one who can use the powers of the flute. Anyone else who gets their hands on it will only be able to play it as a flute.*
Ocean Rever- long sword that is as thin as a piece of paper but sharp enough to cut diamonds. It can hardly be felt by a person when is slices through their skin. Found in an old temple ruin outside the city of Atlantis.
Nautiluds-fanned out and flattened jellyfish like silver throwing stars the size of cds. These are examples of weapons of her people. They can travel up to 10 feet. Her aim is usually pretty good, but sometimes goes off a bit to the left. She is much better with a sword then throwing objects.
Nautilus Formation- She spins around as her clothes seem to melt from her body. Her body glows blue and her gills on her back fan out and glow white. Water then starts to grow and spin around her until it covers her, forming her suit. She steps through the waves transformed with sword in hand.
She can control the movement of water with (and only with) her flute. The only rule is that the water must already be on the ground. She can not make it rain and control that water.
Nautical Waterfall Revelation- She starts to play a tune on her flute and a waterfall of blue water energy appears behind her. She suddenly stops playing and opens her eyes. The waterfall illusion disappears as she starts to spin. She yells out her attack name and water starts to spin around her. She stops spinning and the water is sent toward her opponent in the form of a large wave.
Hail Twister- Pretty much like it says, a tornado of hail. This attack causes great damage to her opponents.
Deep Sea Aqua Fury- She starts to glow blue, her arms at her side, her eyes closed, and her face pointed toward the sky. She stands still. Balls of water suddenly start to come from the floor and spin around her. She yells out her attack and the balls of water combine into one large mass in the shape of a shark. This shark goes crashing into the opponent.
Ocean Shadow- She holds her hands above her head as a dark blue ball of energy appears. She spins around with it as pillars of water sprout up around her opponent from the ground. This traps them in place. The water in her hands grows and splits until it becomes two, then splits again. The four balls hover over her, and then get fired at the opponent one by one, going at lightning speed.

Nautilus design, concept, profile (c) Pysi
design base (c) :iconkrisisconspire: Used with permission!!!!
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